Logos & Branding

As of late I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people to help them brand their businesses! It has been a great learning experience and it’s exciting being able to help them to create and explore their visions.

Sarah Meyer of Fizzfare needed help working on logos, fonts, and avatars for her website. Definitely check out her website to see how they look on her site as well, but below you can see them individually.




Site Title

We wanted a title for Sarah’s website that was simple, professional, and fairly gender neutral and inclusive. The font gives me a little bit of a movie-theater vibe, for some reason I always think about the Cinerama font. I liked the effect and so did Sarah! Initially I did the font in color, but with the background colors of her site, greyscale worked much better.

Photoshop. 2018.



This was our initial design for the website’s logo. Sarah picked out this really nice color and said she wanted a typewriter. I went from there and after several iterations, we ended up here!

Illustrator & Photoshop. 2017.



And here’s Sarah! This design is being used in her About section of the website.

Photoshop, digital painting. 2017.


Just finished up another commissioned logo and title where I played around with the look of the ampersand resembling a mother and child.


Birth & Wellness Center of Arlington